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severe muscle damageFibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS) is estimated to affect 2-4% of people worldwide, mainly women. Onset generally happens after an emotional or physical trauma. Guidelines (1990) to diagnose this syndrome have historically been defined by pain of long duration manifesting in 3 out of 4 quadrants in the body and tenderness in 11 out of 18 body points in specific locations.

Because assessing the 18 tender points can be very subjective, new guidelines for the diagnosis of FMS were proposed in 2010. Now, patients have to have had unexplained pain for at least 3 months, score higher than 7 (out of 19) on a Widespread Pain Index, as well as scoring high on a symptom severity scale (SSS) of sleep disturbance, fatigue and cognitive function to warrant a FMS diagnosis.

Although FMS is defined by so-called ‘tender points,’ patients often have trigger points. Every fibromyalgia case is unique and treatment must be tailored to pressure tolerance. Communication is key between therapist and patient.

360 NMT has developed signature techniques to treat FMS that are safe, rhythmic and gentle with the goal to reduce kinesiophobia (fear of movement) and perception of muscle damage. We specialize in gently restoring functional, pain-free myofascial tissue, removing trigger points and those perpetuating biomechanical factors that can exacerbate pain. This integrative approach teaches the patient how to cognitively win back control and solve the enigma of seemingly senseless pain. You don’t need to suffer.

With fibromyalgia, sometimes relief is long-lasting; at other times it is palliative. Seldom is NMT the sole modality used to mange this condition.  360 NMT communicates and liaises regularly with other healthcare providers to provide individualized, optimized muscle care needed for whole body recovery.

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